Price of services

ServiceNormal pricePrice for regular customersKadakaSaueLasnamäe
Car repair and maintenance work42 €/h-10%*
Car maintenance with customer’s spare parts45 €/h-10%*
Maintenance and repair work of vans and SUVs42 €/h-10%*
Filling air conditioning system R13449,9 €***
Filling air conditioning system R1234YF159,9 €*
Air conditioner maintenance / inspection42 €/h-10%***
Headlight adjustment20 €-10%**
Electrical work/diagnostics48 €/h-10%*
Read / clean error code24 €-10%***
Front axle adjustment45 €-10%*
Front and rear axle adjustment60 €-10%*
Pre-purchase and pre-sale technical inspection, incl. video
65 €-10%*
Pre-purchase bodywork inspection

Vehicle body inspection report

35 €-10%***
Tire works (incl. materials).

Full tire change from

45 €-10%*
Tire hotel / season20 €*
Headlight restoration pc. /from
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Please also attach a picture of the headlights to the price request.
50 €***
Bodyworks42 €/hbusiness customer by agreement***
Installation works42 €/hbusiness customer by agreement***
Paint works50 €/hbusiness customer by agreement***
Exterior car wash by hand (vans, SUVs +20%)20 €business customer by agreement**
Exterior car wash by hand, with tar remover (vans, SUVs +20%)25 €business customer by agreement**
Interior cleaning (dry)20 €business customer by agreement**

*price includes VAT 20%

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  • Price list
  • One hour of mechanic’s work – 36 euro/h
  • Axle balancing – 45 euro/h
  • Electrical work and diagnostics – 39 euro/h
  • Option packs and standard features, bodywork – 36 euro/h
  • Filling air conditioning system – 49.9 euro
  • Exterior wash – from 15 euro
  • Interior cleaning – from 10 euro
  • Painting works – from 2 euro/dm2