Services we offer


Painting works

If you have been involved in a car accident and the car body has been damaged, we will eliminate damage caused by the accident and paint the car using the quality integrated painting technology system Cromax (previously: Du Pont). We give a guarantee of 1 year for painting works.

Option packs and standard features

We install only the quality parts.


If you have got into an accident and the car body has been damaged, do not hesitate to seek aid in one of our workshops (in Mustamäe, the city centre or Lasnamäe). Our experienced bodywork specialists will help to eliminate any damages to the car body – starting from knockout of a minor dent to the replacement of the complex and large parts of the body.

Stretching the car body

If the body of your car is deformed, the doors and sun-roof do not close or the distances between the parts are too big, we will stretch the car body using the special equipment – Autorobot.

Plastic works

We will repair damaged bumpers on the basis of the quality technologies.

Mechanical works

Servicing and repair

We can offer a wide range of services. We repair engines and running gear. We will service your car in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturing plant.

Electrical works

If you want to install a tow bar, a back run camera, parking aid sensors, etc., contact us. We install additional equipment and detect various faults in the electrical system.


If an alarm lamp lights on your car fittings, contact us to investigate the reason. We read data from control unit, using the up-to-date diagnostic equipment Autel MaxiDas.

Axle balancing

If the car swerves off or it eats up tyres, contact us. We perform axle balancing, using the cutting-the-edge 3D test bench for axle balancing.

Tyre works

We repair and/or put summer and/or winter tyres on the car. Ask for a service of the tyre hotel.

Additional works

Car glass replacement

If there are cracks or chips in the glass, you can get it replaced quickly and in a quality manner. If you have the relevant Casko Insurance agreement, we will help you to communicate with the insurance company and replace the glasses for free.

Repair and filling the air conditioning system

You are tired of the summer heat? Come to us and we will quickly and properly fill the air conditioning system. If the air-condition is out of service, our trained specialists will find and eliminate a defect and get the system in order.

Towing service

If the car stopped suddenly as a result of an accident or a failure, we will tow the car. In case you have got the car insurance, we will do that for free.

Car wash

We provide both the exterior car wash and the interior cleaning plus polishing and waxing. Cars in the bodywork are washed for free.

Rental vehicles

For the period of the after accident repair we offer a free relief car. Our fleet has 15 different cars that will suit any taste.

Warranty for 1 year